Open Access Fund Past Recipients

Recipients Publication Article Title Date
Greiner, Jill
McGlathery, Karen
PLoS ONE Seagrass
Restoration Enhances “Blue Carbon” Sequestration in Coastal Waters
D’Odorico, Paolo
O’Bannon, Clark
Carr, Joel
Seekell, David
HESS Globalization of
agricultural pollution due to international trade
Bhattachan, Abinash
D’Odorico, Paolo
Ecosphere Resilience and
recovery potential of duneland vegetation in the southern Kalahari
Hart, Joe
Thomas Keller
Christopher “Cree” Gaskin
Steve Brockmeier
Mark Miller
Orthopaedic Journal of Sports
Transtibial Tunnel Placement in
PCL Reconstruction: How it Relates to the Anatomic Footprint
Gephart, Jessica
Pace, Michael
D’Odorico, Paolo
Environmental Research Letters Freshwater savings
from marine protein consumption 
Beans, Carolyn Ecology and Evolution The Case for
Character Displacement in Plants
Epstein, Howie Environmental Research Letters Regional and landscape-scale
variability of Landsat-observed vegetation dynamics in northwest Siberian
Kozminski, Keith PLoS ONE Secretory vesicles deliver Cdc42p to sites of polarized growth in S. cerevisiae  4/2/14
Hart, Joe BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders Sensory response
following knee joint damage in rabbits
Kwon, Inchan PLoS ONE Site-specific bioconjugation of
a murine dihydrofolate reductase enzyme by copper(I)-catalyzed azide
D’Odorico, Paolo PLoS ONE Early Warning Signs in
Social-Ecological Networks
Maresh, Erin
Coan, James
Allen, Joseph
Biology of Mood and Anxiety
Increased default
mode network activity in socially anxious individuals during reward
Bhattachan, Abinash
D’Odorico, Paolo
Scientific Reports Can land use intensification in
the Mallee, Australia increase the supply of soluble iron to the Southern
Taylor, Douglas
Fields, Peter
PLoS ONE Determinants of genetic
structure in a nonequilibrium metapopulation  of the plant Silene latifolia
D’Odorico, Paolo
Carr, Joel
Earth’s Future Feeding Humanity through global food trade  8/11/14
Davis, Kyle
D’Odorico, Paolo
Earth’s Future Moderating diets to feed the future 9/10/14
Galloway, James
Leach, Alliso
Environmental Research Letters Nitrogen Footprints: Past, Present and Future 10/2/14
Barnard-Kubow, Karen
Galloway, Laura
BMC Evolutionary Biology Correlation between sequence divergence and polymorphism reveals similar evolutionary mechanisms acting across multiple timescales in a rapidly evolving plastid genome 12/11/14
Atkins, Jeff
Epstein, Howard
Biogeosciences Vegetation heterogeneity and landscape position exert strong controls on soil CO2 efflux in a moist, Appalachian watershed 12/17/14
Michael Lawrence
Caroline Wang
Matthew Perez
Brian Helmke
PLoS ONE Integration of Acoustic Radiation Force and Optical Imaging for Blood Plasma Clot Stiffness Measurement 7/14/15
Kyle Davis
Paolo D’Ordorico
Earth’s Future The Global Land Rush and Climate Change 7/22/15
Jacob Resch BMJ Open Sport and Exercise medicine The Sensitivity and Specificity of Clinical Measures of Sport Concussion:Three Tests Are Better Than One 10/26/15
Bo Ning
Naidi Sun
Rui Cao
John A. Hossack
Song Hu
Scientific Reports Ultrasound-aided Multi-parametric Photoacoustic Microscopy of the Mouse Brain 11/16/15
Jessica Gephart
Michael Pace
Environmental Research Letters Structure and evolution of the global seafood trade network 11/25/15
Itiya Aneece
Howard Epstein
Remote Sensing Distinguishing Early Successional Plant Communities Using Ground-Level 12/2/15
Yuhan Wang IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society Threshold Switching Characteristics of Nb/NbO2/TiN Vertical Devices 12/4/15
Sierra Eisen
Angeline Lillard
Frontiers in Psychology Children’s preferences for touchscreen versus traditional media in a learning task 12/14/15
Brian Sanderson
Malcolm Augat
Douglas Taylor
Edmund Brodie
Ecology and Evolution Scale dependence of sex ratio in wild plant populations: implications for social selection 12/28/15